The Future of Work in the Public Sector

Delivering public value is increasingly challenging given increasing citizen demand, political uncertainty and technological disruption in a tightening fiscal environment and an era of smaller government.

At the same time, the world of work is changing and the public service must respond with a new set of skills, policies and ways of working to stay relevant. 

A strategic approach to workforce planning will be vital to creating a highly mobile, diverse, entrepreneurial, commercially minded and digitally fluent workforce.

In this forum Michael Hiller will share the results of some recent work from KPMG in this area, and will then be joined for a panel discussion on the impact for the public sector now and into the future.

The panel will include:

  • Erma Ranieri, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment in South Australia.
  • Michael Hiller, National Industry Leader, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare, KPMG Australia.

Further speakers to be announced soon.

Dr Matt Pearce, will emcee the forum.



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Michael Hiller,
National Industry Leader, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare,
KPMG Australia

Michael is KPMG’s National Industry Leader, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare. As such, he assists organisations to improve their performance by focusing on their people, processes, technology, and corporate structures.
Michael’s grounding in psychology plays a key role in all of his work.  Among other things, it leads him to query why something is happening, rather than simply to accept it the way it is. “It gives you the skills to look at things in a different way, I tend to find you look for the broader meaning.”
Having worked across government for the past 20 years, “Building relationships is critical if you are to get the permission to do things, if you are to get people to understand you and trust you.”
His areas of expertise include government and public sector, healthcare, infrastructure, operating effectiveness, process improvements, public policy and regulatory change.





Erma Ranieri, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment in South Australia


The Commissioner for Public Sector Employment reports directly to the Minister for the Public Sector, the Hon John Rau, and holds a statutory role under the Public Sector Act 2009. The Act outlines principles and guidelines to improve and uphold public sector performance – it is the Commissioner’s role to bring these to life across government.

Appointed on 1 July 2014, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment Erma Ranieri works passionately towards creating a world-leading public sector that serves South Australians well, does what it says it will do, and to which every public servant is proud to belong.

With the role of the public sector being to serve and support South Australia to thrive, Erma leads sector-wide reform to modernise the public sector and continue to build on its value and service to the South Australian community.

Erma has worked for more than 30 years to help organisations optimise productivity and employee wellbeing. She was named a 2014 Telstra Business Woman of the Year as SA Winner of the Telstra Community and Government Award for her role in leading transformational change throughout the public sector.

With a key focus on diversity and gender equality in leadership as business imperatives for the public sector, Erma continues to challenge cultural and structural barriers to drive innovative, collaborative and connected services for the community.​