2018 - Setting the Future
Australia in the Year of Uncertainty






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We welcomed you to join us for the first event of IPAA SA's 2018 Event Program, Future of The Profession, curated by our members for our members.

Sarah Ferguson, Australia’s most respected and experienced journalists wowed audienced with her unique and compelling analysis of the evolving political and cultural climate in 2018. Her analysis was perfectly suited to public sector professionals who recognised the impact that global and national politics have on the day-to-day lives of people in the community, and on the future of their profession.

As writer and presenter of such documentaries as The Killing Season and Hitting Home, she has captivated audiences as a fearless and incisive reporter on Australia’s socio-political life. As host of Four Corners she has presented some of Australia’s best journalism in global and national current affairs.

ABC Journalist and Political Reporter, Nick Harmsen, hosted the event and interviewed Sarah Ferguson, the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, Erma Ranieri, and Adelaide Managing Partner of PwC, Kim Cheater.