“I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that, then I realised I was somebody.”

- Lily Tomlin

This workshop examines the newly revised Public Sector Code of Conduct and the attributes of an ethical organisation and leader. It then reviews the terms “bullying and harassment” from both a legislative and behavioural perspective. The workshop develops an understanding of what is and is not bullying and harassment conduct, and what is reasonable in terms of managerial action.


  • Review of the revised Public Sector Code of Conduct
  • Definitions of bullying & harassment under the WH&S Act
  • Examples of unwanted workplace behaviour
  • Why do people engage in this behaviour?
  • Attributes of an ethical leader / organisation
  • Case study for group discussion
  • Avenues for individuals in receipt of unwanted behaviours in the workplace
  • Reducing risk on the workplace


  • Understand the new Public Sector Code of Conduct
  • Identify the differences between bullying, harassment, and reasonable workplace action
  • Review workplace policies to ensure they align with best practice
  • Know avenues to pursue when faced with unwanted behaviour in the workplace

Benefits to you

  • Understand employer and employee obligations
  • Understand what is and what is not behaviour which constitutes bullying/harassment
  • Understand why people engage in unwanted behaviours in the workplace
  • Build confidence when taking action in response to unwanted behaviours
  • Build insight into your own workplace behaviours
  • Be confident in taking reasonable action to address poor work performance

Benefits to your Department

  • Build systems to reduce the likelihood of unwanted behaviours occurring in the workplace
  • Greater understanding of organisational responsibility to provide a safe working environment
  • Reinforce best practice for responding to claims of bullying/harassment allegations
  • Increased confidence for managers in addressing poor work performance


First Line Manager Common (ASO3 – ASO5)

Middle Manager Core (ASO6 – ASO8)


Thursday 11 October 2018


IPAA SA, Level 6, 12 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA


9:00 am – 12.30 pm (Registration from 8:45)

Facilitator: Samantha Young
Price: Professional Member: $260
  State Government Member: $295
  Corporate Member: $305
  Non-Member: $325
Includes: Refreshments, morning tea, a comprehensive workbook and certificate of participation
Program: Here