“All heart without results is weak. All results without heart is ugly. Being all about results is leading all with the head. 21st Century Managers need to lead with all three – heart, head and hands”

Neuroleadership is the study of leadership and leadership development from the perspective of what happens in the human brain. It researches what happens when we try to influence or motivate others and what happens in our brain as a leader. A growing body of research shows the world’s best companies are guided by leaders who can tap into the intelligence of their head, heart, and guts.  The powerful combination of these three biological systems can lead to manager behaviours that foster employee engagement, wellbeing and creativity.

Organisations are built on a foundation of genuine relationships and shared values. Putting people first in all we do is the business. When you lead with your heart, other people will be emotionally touched - both inside and outside your organisation. Putting people first is the key to unleashing the full power and creativity of teams, superior client outcomes and employee engagement.

This innovative new workshop explains the emerging field of neuroscience as applied to leadership behaviours including the neuroscience of employee engagement, growth mindsets and innovation, how the brain influences change resistance points, leadership self-awareness and EQ, influencing culture and leveraging the social nature of the workplace.


  • The practice of neuroleadership and the fundamentals of neuroanatomy
  • How leadership behaviours impact upon the neurobiology of employee engagement
  • Culture and the Head / Heart / Hands model of leadership
  • Why reward is critical to team and individual motivation, and how you can leverage it effectively
  • The impact of environment, and how you can design your organisation to optimise performance and engagement
  • Basic human needs at work, and how they impact on the execution of strategic and operational business, particularly change management
  • Practical and effective actions to build neuroleadership into daily leadership practice.


Learn and understand the key ways neuroleadership principles can be applied;

  1. To the individual -  how to increase self-awareness and incorporate neuroscience principles in to personal leadership mindsets and behaviours  
  2. To management -  how to understand and influence employee and team workplace values and behaviours
  3. In organisations – how to strategically work in a way that delivers results by understanding key human drivers and behaviours to shape culture

Benefits to you

  • Develop a deeper understanding of human behaviour and human motivation in the workplace
  • Learn tools to enhance employee engagement, build morale and team functioning and increase innovation, change readiness and creativity
  • Increase leadership self-awareness and EQ
  • Be able to implement a tool-kit of practical and effective actions to build neuroleadership into daily leadership practice

Benefits to your Department

Leaders will learn skills and tools on how to build a working environment that aligns with human motivation, providing the platform for effective decision making, action orientation, and a collaborative culture of achievement.



First Line Manager Common (ASO3 – ASO5)

Middle Manager Core (ASO6 – ASO8)


Friday, 22nd June 2018


IPAA SA, Level 6, 12 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA


9:00 am – 12.30 pm (Registration from 8:45)

Facilitator: Samantha Young
Price: Professional Member: $260
  State Government Member: $295
  Corporate Member: $305
  Non-Member: $325
Includes: Refreshments, morning tea, a comprehensive workbook and certificate of participation