Give your team leadership a power boost with an intensive and practical development program! This is a 4-part series for people coming to grips with leading a team and managing others for the first time.

As well as expert input and resource manuals for future reference, here is an opportunity to work with colleagues across the public sector who are all tackling the same big challenges:

  1. Leading and Developing an Effective Team
  2. Providing Performance Feedback
  3. Leading and Managing Change
  4. Managing Workloads

Built around the real issues in public sector workplaces, it is targeted to enable you to develop the wide range of skills that new managers need to effectively lead and manage their team. The series is highly popular and attracts a full enrolment with each intake.

On completion of this series you will receive a certificate of participation, signed by IPAA SA President and Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, Erma Ranieri, for your CV.


If you would like to register in some of the units, but not all, you are able to do so here. Please note there is a 15% discount for attending all units as a series.

August Intake CA

Thursday 8 August 2019 - Leading and Developing an Effective Team CA.1
Thursday 5 September 2019 - Providing Performance Feedback CA.2
Thursday 26 September 2019 - Leading and Managing Change CA.3
Thursday 17 October 2019 - Managing Workloads CA.4

November Intake DA

Tuesday 5 November 2019 - Leading and Developing an Effective Team DA.1
Tuesday 19 November 2019 - Providing Performance Feedback DA.2
Tuesday 3 December 2019 - Leading and Managing Change DA.3
Tuesday 10 December 2019 - Managing Workloads DA.4