Radical Resilience for Leaders

“Hands perform their job duties because they are told to.  Heads perform their duties because they know that they are supposed to. Hearts perform their duties because they want to, due to their love of their job and those for whom they are performing their services.”

Today’s public sector manager exists in a perfect storm of change - including increasing demand for true governance and transparency, crisis management in a world of social media, global geopolitical unrest, a changing workforce, relentless change and accelerating technology. Managers once valued for overseeing steady, slowly-evolving corporate bureaucracies are now faced with reduced relevance in a globally-connected marketplace characterised by rapid change. Reinvention in the face of fast continuous change and complexity requires a different breed of manager - one who is self-aware, skilled at communication with high EQ, cuts through to core issues, frames strategy intelligently, and asks the right questions.


This workshop equips current and aspiring managers with the non-technical abilities required to survive in the contemporary public sector. You will learn to respond to changing times with a dynamic mindset – so that talented teams, not just individuals, can flourish around you. We call this “Radical Resilience”.


  • What is employee engagement?
  • Head Heart Hands Leadership
  • The neurobiology of engagement
  • Change ready culture – removing resistance points
  • Resilient workplaces and people - strategies for building radical resilience at organisational, team and individual levels
  • Leadership and Energy Management
  • Personal Agency and leadership values

Benefits to you

  • Understand the role of the leader in developing employee engagement, fostering resilience and mastering change
  • Feel more confident to manage change initiatives with employee buy-in, and remove resistance points
  • Develop preactical strategies to build resilience (organisational, team and individual), employee engagement, positive culture and shared team values
  • Formulate an Individual Action Plan for mastering stress

Benefits to your Department

  • Foster a positive culture that embraces change with resilience and optimism
  • Increased productivity, employee retention and innovation
  • ROI (Return On Investment) estimated at $2.30 for every $1 invested in organisational wellbeing initiatives (Beyond Blue)
  • Improved morale and resilience with an enhanced capacity to deal with rapid change



First Line Manager Common (ASO3 – ASO5)

Middle Manager Core (ASO6 – ASO8)


Thursday 24th May 2018


IPAA SA, Level 6, 12 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA


9:00 am – 12.30 pm (Registration from 8:45)

Facilitator: Samantha Young
Price: Professional Member: $260
  State Government Member: $295
  Corporate Member: $305
  Non-Member: $325
Includes: Refreshments, morning tea, a comprehensive workbook and certificate of participation