Program Overview

We are looking for mentors and mentees to participate in the IPAA SA Personal Member Mentoring program. The program will run over six (6) months and will match a mentor to a mentee based on their skills, experience, and development goals. Participants can expect a likely time commitment of at least one face-to-face or virtual meeting per four-six weeks, but the exact commitment is to be agreed between the mentor and mentee.

Personal Members are invited to express their interest in a place as a mentee in the program – there is no additional charge to Personal Members to participate in the program. If you are interested in being a mentor, membership is not required.

A panel has been established to oversee the program, match participants, and evaluate the success of the program.

The number of participants in the program will be capped to ensure that the program is manageable for the Panel, and provides a valuable experience for participants. A match on the program is not guaranteed, as the number of mentees may exceed available places. We will consider nominations to participate in the program based on the time they come in.

Either party may withdraw from the program at any stage but must advise the Panel.

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Apply for Personal Membership and enjoy its many benefits, including complimentary access to the Mentorship Program. Membership starts from only $99 per annum and is fully tax-deductible. Learn more about membership here or contact us if you would like to speak to a team member.


6 Months

Free for Personal Members of IPAA SA

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Mentor Application

  • 1/03/2022
    Mentor Program
Mentor Application Form 2022

Mentee Application

  • 1/3/2022
    Mentee Program
Mentee Expression of Interest Form 2022

Express your interest

Please complete the ‘Expression of Interest’ form to express interest in being either a mentor or a mentee. The Panel will then consider all information provided, and contact both mentees and mentors to advise them of their match.

At this stage, the mentor and mentee may request another match or may withdraw from the program with no questions asked. However, parties should be aware that due to the limited number of participants, a request for another match will depend on other participants, and another match cannot be guaranteed.

Benefits of Mentoring

Benefits for Mentors

  • Promote best practice by sharing experience and skills
  • Satisfaction from contributing to your mentee’s development
  • Opportunity to reflect upon and articulate your knowledge

Benefits for Mentees

  • Increased confidence in relating to more senior people in the sector
  • Exposure to new methods for approaching challenges
  • Insight into future planning and self-development


For more benefits read our article HERE


Once advised of their match, the obligation is on the mentee to contact their mentor to set up the first meeting. At this meeting, the parties are required to complete a ‘Mentoring Partnership Agreement’ form (provided prior to the meeting), which establishes the ground rules, including the frequency of meetings, methods of contact and confidentiality.

When requested, participants are expected to provide feedback to the Panel to assist in evaluating the success of the program.


Personal Members are invited to participate in the Mentoring Program. If you are not currently a Personal Member, you may join to take advantage of this new initiative.

If you are interested in being a mentor, you do not need to be a Personal Member to participate in the mentoring program.

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