On behalf of our Divisional Council, we are thrilled to announce that Ms. Nerida Saunders, PSM, and Mr. David Brown have been awarded an IPAA National Fellowship.

The award of National Fellow is made annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public service and the Institute of Public Administration Australia, a tradition dating back to 1983. Some further background on this award is available via the IPAA National Website.


At this year’s National Conference, IPAA National President, Professor Renee Leon PSM FIPAA, congratulated the new National Fellows on receiving this prestigious award and thanked them for their contribution and service.

We congratulate and thank Nerida and David, both highly deserving of this award, for their many years of passionate service to South Australia.

Nerida and David have made an extensive impact through their work, and we have shared just a few points from their biography and career highlights below.

Learn more about each National Fellow from other IPAA divisions across Australia here.


More About Nerida Saunders PSM FIPAA

Nerida Saunders is a proud Murri Woman from the Kamilaroi Nation, and Executive Director of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Attorney-General’s Department, South Australian Government. Her career spans areas of social justice and child protection, having been the first Aboriginal Executive Director of Children, Youth and Family Services, South Australia.

Nerida has a strong focus on improving the lives of indigenous people. She has been Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Affairs Executive Committee (AAEC) since 2020 and worked on developing Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). As a member of the Premier’s Council for Women, she brings a strong voice for indigenous women, sharing her expertise and insight to ensure women’s interests and needs of women are at the forefront of the South Australian Government’s policies and strategies.

In 2016 Nerida was awarded the Public Service Medal for outstanding public service in the provision of leadership and advocacy in the area of Aboriginal affairs and reconciliation. Her commitment to social justice, women’s rights and equality and strong advocacy for indigenous rights and reconciliation have positioned her as a passionate role model for the next generation of Aboriginal Leaders in the public sector.


More About David Brown FIPAA

As Chief Executive of the Department for Correctional Services (DCS), South Australia, and member of the Criminal Justice Reform Council, David is driving wide-ranging reform across the system to increase public confidence through improving service delivery and ensuring service is just and fair. He has embedded a culture of learning and improvement to change established thinking and practices through major initiatives including Shaping Corrections as a driver of innovation for DCS through collaboration and improvement.

As Co-Chair, Aboriginal Affairs Executive Committee, David is committed to improving outcomes for indigenous people across the South Australian Criminal Justice System and led the delivery of the DCS Gender Equality and Respect (GET) Action Plan and the DCS Women’s Offender Framework and Action Plan which provided targeted cultural support for Indigenous women and linked to Justice Sector Reform, Justice Reinvestment and large-scale reform supporting women’s safety and equality.

David continues to deliver strong evidence-based policy initiatives across key strategic directions to create a safer and fairer society for all South Australians.


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