New and Emerging Manager Series

New to Leadership and Management?

Are you coming to grips with leading a team and managing others for the first time? Explore current successful approaches and strategies that will teach you essential skills for leaders – from communication, workload management, performance management and much more.

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Ready to grow your essential leadership and management skills?

Enhance your general management skills and take your leadership and strategic thinking capabilities to the next level. This dynamic series includes modules on introduction to management, finance, project management, operational excellence and strategic management. Build your core management skills for personal and organisational success with this fundamental series.

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fundamental skills of management
21st Century Manager Series

Time to evolve leadership skills to tackle 21st century challenges?

Equip yourself with the essential core leadership skills to thrive not just survive as a leader in 2024 and beyond. Increase your self-awareness, develop confidence and skills in leading teams and having challenging conversations, improve your communication and EQ and understand how to promote a culture of wellbeing. You will also explore techniques to enhance your emotional intelligence, build a culture of ethical conduct and build a leadership toolkit that promotes engagement, productivity and resilience.

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Ready to take the next step on your leadership journey?

Advance your skills as a manager and leader with a unique understanding of how to thrive in a turbulent and ever-changing workplace. This series is for middle to senior-level public sector leaders, who are seeking to enhance and develop their management skills, as well as for those aspiring to the pathway to South Australian Executive Service (SAES).

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emerging executive development series
communications masterclass in government

How can you communicate effectively and purposefully with your audience?

Explore in-depth the tools and strategies you can use to transform your communications in government, to have maximum engagement and impact. Whether you communicate internally, or externally this course will help save you time and stress in producing content that will get you the greatest returns.

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Looking to improve your board performance and directorship?

In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, IPAA SA is proud to bring you the Company Directors Course. This nationally recognised course will immediately improve your board performance and decision-making with pragmatic professional development that will have a life-long impact on your career.

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AICD Company Directors Course