IPAA SA partners with the best facilitators and training providers in South Australia and boasts an excellent reputation for its in-agency work. We work closely with the Public Sector on a daily basis and understand the environment you operate within.

If you need to organise training for your team or to roll out a program across your organisation, we will ensure your learning outcomes are achieved cost effectively and in-line with your organisations aims.

Why choose in-agency training?


In-agency training sessions can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs with case studies, or other material provided by you, to ensure our training is practical and aligned to your organisation.


Our facilitators are discipline experts and have been engaged because of their expertise in the sector as well as their knowledge of contemporary learning strategies. We work closely with you to ensure facilitators are the right fit for your organisation.


Small group training in your workplace provides your organisation with the opportunity to reduce costs thereby maximising your training budget. We also have discounts for our State Government Partners and Corporate Members.

Convenient & Flexible

Choose the training days that best suit you and your team. You choose the time, place and location. No travel or venue hire required. Choose half-day, full-day or a series of courses. You can now also choose to have training delivered virtually through Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom or a platform of your choosing.

Time Saving

We are an expert at delivering high quality training, we do it on an almost daily bases (last financial year we delivered 219 courses). This means we can provide you with expert advice and save you the time you would have spent on researching best options, approaches and facilitators. We will also take the stress of facilitator and participant liaising by taking care of all administration tasks.

Organisation-wide Capability

In-agency training indicates continued education in your workplace is valued and ensures that your employees remain current and up-to-date in the skills your workplace needs. Lifelong education for your employees assists your organisation to achieve its workplace outcomes and provides your employees with the ability to speak in the same training ‘language’.

Build Networks

Create an opportunity for your employees to build on their internal relationships with practical group-work components that are great for team building.

Our comprehensive suite of existing programs and courses created specifically for the Public Sector are available for individuals or teams you wish to develop and can be further customised for your unique challenges. Alternatively, our experts are on hand to determine your professional development requirements, answer any questions, and design tailored solutions to meet particular needs of your organisation or to target a role or classification level.

With the flexibility to be innovative and responsive to client’s needs, we have the capacity to manage large, complex programs and deliver value for money to the individuals and organisations who train with us every year.

While this website outlines some of our current options, there are many more courses available. We are eager to assist you in exploring which course or program will best achieve your organisation’s or team’s goals.

Topics We Can Deliver

The possibilities with in-agency programs are endless. We deliver I in-agency programs on all of the topics covered in our Public Professional Development Program, plus more. Some of the programs we deliver in-agency include:

  • Career Development
  • Change Management
  • Compliance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Finance and Budget Management
  • Leadership Programs
  • Leading in an Uncertain World
  • Management Skills
  • Mental Wellness and Building Resilience
  • Policy and Program Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Public Policy
  • Self-Awareness
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Development
  • Women’s Development Programs
  • Writing and Editing
  • Reconciliation and Cultural Competency
    …Plus many more!

Our Approach

We will propose a program tailored your organisation's needs. This could range from making slight adjustments to one of our pre-existing programs, to creating a bespoke solution from scratch.

Based on the information we discussed in the discovery phase we will provide you with a detailed proposal including course content, our training methodology, presenter details and fees.

We continue to work with you to co-design specific module content and deliver the program according to schedule at a time and a place that suits you.

We provide participants with an interactive, practical, 'hands-on' training experience that encourages participation in a supportive adult-learning environment.

We provide participants with tools and techniques that they can take back into the workplace and implement immediately.

Our customised courses include debriefing, feedback and reflection to consolidate learning and provide continual feedback to facilitators.

We engage in continuous improvement, incorporating your feedback into course content.

We provide post-program evaluation to meet your requirements.

We offer further suggestions to improve the impact of learning experiences, often complemented by coaching and mentoring approaches that continue long after the actual course has finished.

  • As organiser and participant in the Masterclass that was delivered in-house by David to SA Health in October and November 2021, I can strongly recommend this trainer, package, and format to other agencies looking to improve their online communications. Particularly those agencies striving to improve connections with external and internal readers to elicit positive responses, and to streamline internal email communications and editing processes for greater productivity. David was extremely flexible in accommodating the practical constraints and competing demands of participants and developed a training package consisting of two three-hour sessions held one a week apart. The content of the Masterclass was tailored to address the specific needs and learning objectives of participants.

    Carolyn Lewis

    Health and Protection Licensing Services, SA Health

State Government Members and Corporate member additional benefits

Members of IPAA SA receive additional benefits on our in-agency programs. Our Members receive a:

  • 20% Discount on all in-agency programs
  • Multiple booking discount when six or more workshops are booked at the same time
  • Additional discount on registrations for the next public workshop on the same topic after the in-agency delivery.
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