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How can we embrace our curiosity as public sector innovators?

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Lessons in Long-Service – Insights from Kym Bills

During this insight interview, long-standing public servant, Kym Bills shared insights about his career journey, challenges and lessons learned in the public service. Kym also explains what initially attracted him to working with public policy and some of the...

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Lessons in Long-Service – Insights from Catherine Turnbull

Looking back to 2020 and the onset of COVID-19, we could not have anticipated the challenges that our public sector would face. However, we also had no idea how it would transform the value of the public sector in...

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Dr Noah Raford addresses delegates at Fit for the Future

Six Steps to Strategic Foresight as a “Sexy” Civil Servant

sexy adjective (INTERESTING) informal used to describe something that attracts a lot of interest and excitement (Cambridge Dictionary)   This article explores the insights delivered at the ‘Fit for the Future? Strategic Foresight in Government event, which took place...

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Treaty, Truth and Voice – spotlight on First Nations Women

We need to really make sure that we amplify our voices as women and make sure that we let people know that we are women of strength and that we’re strong. And we’re going to continue to fight for...

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Three ways to improve your teams engagement and performance

Engagement and performance are both buzzwords for managers, but what can you do practically as a leader and manager to improve these across your team? From our two newest courses to the program (which you can find below), we...

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Lessons in Long Service – Insights from Tanya Di Lorenzo MIPAA

In what other space do you have the ability to work across so many diverse areas? This helped bring Tanya Di Lorenzo into the public sector and, in turn, is part of what has kept her there for almost...

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