• "IPAA plays a critical role in bridging the gap and ensuring that public servants like myself, have access to the right resources to meet the expectations set by senior distinguished public servants in their fields of expertise within the Government".

    Aushim Merchant


Personal Membership of IPAA will:

Get you future ready

We will improve your career as we educate and inform you of what’s to come in the future of the profession and build your skill set to ensure you are ready for it.

Build your capability

We will build your current capability to ensure you perform at the best of your ability and get you ready to face every new challenge throughout your career.

Build your networks

We will build your networks and connect you to like-minded people, people facing the same challenges as you and people who can help you to gain influence and penetrate the vast public sector.

Connect you

We will connect you with ideas from across the country through our National body and State jurisdictions.

Champion you

We will champion your successes and voice them to the sector.

Support you

We will provide you with tangible support throughout your career.

Build your network

Connect with other Members at our next members-only networking event.

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About Membership

You training voucher can be used at any time for the full 12 months of your membership unless otherwise stated.

Personal Members of IPAA SA hold individual membership with IPAA SA and are bound by the Institute’s Constitution.

Personal Members of the Institute are champions, ambassadors and leaders in the public sector at all levels. Membership demonstrates a commitment to a career in the public sector and demonstrates a commitment to your professional association.

Personal Membership offers exclusive development and networking opportunities not available to other membership categories.

Personal Membership is not linked to an organisation and therefore remains from job to job and even state to state, as Personal Membership is transferrable between interstate IPAA divisions.

IPAA SA has seven different Personal Membership options offering specific and unique benefits based on professional status and career goals.

  • Graduate & Student
  • Young IPAA (YIPAA)
  • Emerging Leader
  • Manager / Next-Exec
  • Executive
  • Professional
  • Affiliate

Personal Membership recognition awards include

  • Life Member
  • Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australian (FIPAA)

Non-Personal Membership Types include

  • Individuals under only Corporate Membership
  • Individuals under only Stave Government Membership

Application for Personal Membership

Personal Membership is open to any individual who is:

  • Older than 18 years of age at the time application
  • Applies to a specific category of Membership applicable to them
  • Agrees to the terms and conditions of Membership and agrees to be bound by the Constitution of IPAA SA
  • Meets the criteria prescribed by the IPAA SA Divisional Council

The IPAA SA Divisional Council may reject any application for Membership at its discretion.

Yes, you are able to access members rates for training and events from any IPAA. Some IPAA’s will have a varied offering so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like specific information before you visit another division.

Your membership is valid for 12 months after you receive your Welcome Pack (unless you have chosen a 2 year or more membership period).