The IPAA SA Divisional Council

The SA Division of the Institute is managed by a Divisional Council, consisting of 7 elected and 2 nominated members. There is also an Executive Governance Committee who monitors IPAA SA’s financial performance and legal obligations.

The Executive of the Divisional Council is made up of the President, Vice-President, a Treasurer and a Company Secretary. Councillors are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a two-year term and serve until the second Annual General Meeting after their election when they retire.

Meet the team

Meet the Strategic Advisory Committee

The Strategic Advisory Committee has been established to advise the IPAA SA Divisional Council on the curation of an integrated, 12-month program of events and professional development for IPAA SA’s 80,000 plus members.

The aim of this program is to lead public debate on matters of critical importance to South Australia, and reinforce the non-partisan, professional role of the public sector in South Australia’s social, cultural, and economic life.