the Urban Impact of COVID-19 on Adelaide Vs Melbourne

How are city administrations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? And how might cities change as a result of the coronavirus?

Australia’s major cities have felt the full force of the health and economic crises brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has challenged the assumptions of city officials towards the services they provide to the community, the way people interact within cities, and has come at significant financial cost to local governments.

Two recent interviews provide different perspectives on the impacts of COVID-19 to the cities and communities of Adelaide and Melbourne.

The first interview with Mark Goldstone — Chief Executive Officer with the City of Adelaide — was part of IPAA South Australia’s Virtual on the Couch series.

The second interview with Andrew Wear — Director of Economic Development at the City of Melbourne and author — was for the IPAA Victoria Public Sector Perspectives podcast.

In this article available through the IPAA National website we explore the unique experience of COVID-19 from the perspective of two different capital city councils. Read the full article here.

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