The Citizen Community of Practice (CCCoP) will bring together service delivery practitioners with a passion for the development and delivery of more citizen-centric services in South Australia.

Global evidence suggests that a vibrant CCCoP will build our experience with creating citizen-centric service improvements by sharing tools, strategies and a helping hand when needed.

The CCCoP is designed to support and enable the “how” underneath SASP T32: Customer and client satisfaction with government services; and the High Performance Framework (HPF) particularly in relation to Characteristic 7, “High performing organisations are customer and citizen focused”. This follows on from the HPF event held March 2012, A focus on customer and citizen participation and partnerships where over 400 public sector employees attended.

The Canadian experience over 10 years strongly evidences the strategic role that an interactive community of practice plays in embedding cultural change and in facilitating drastically reduced cycle times for the communication and adoption of innovative service improvement initiatives from within Government and other jurisdictions.

The South Australian CCCoP will be launched by the Hon. Michael O’Brien M.P. Minister for the Public Sector who will set the scene and introduce key themes for executive, senior managers and frontline practitioners in service delivery and Peter Welling, Director of Service SA will be the facilitator of this Forum. Initial discussion will include the use of the Common Measurement Tool as well as other contemporary trends in customer satisfaction measures such as the net promoter score and ease of doing business measure.

Following this a number of facilitated CCCoP workgroups will commence with practitioners engaging collaboratively on the development and delivery of more citizen centric services in South Australia.

Objectives of the CCCoP

  • Defining and measuring a citizen centric service delivery culture across the public sector
  • Developing and implementing tools to enable agencies to meet SASP Target 32, Governments Strategic Priorities and enablers
  • Closing the gaps in citizen centric service delivery practices to build a consistent and positive customer experience across the public sector

Elements of the CCCoP initially may include however, not limited to;

  • Expand the implementation of the Common Measurement Tool
  • Implement best practice service improvement methods that focus on drivers of citizen satisfaction with Government
  • Create a vibrant online presence as an organisational platform for collaborative work
  • Implement awards to recognise citizen centric best practice across the Public Sector
  • Sponsor learning events around emerging service issues and to profile Public Sector Exemplars
  • Translating customer feedback into service improvements


Speakers at this event included:

  • Hon Michael O’Brien MP, Minister for the Public Sector
  • Peter Welling, Director Service SA, Department for Transport Energy & Infrastructure
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31st July, 2012