As we (Department of Homeland Security DHS) are an intelligence organization that is primarily concerned with activity that potentially occurs within the United States, our law enforcement at the state and local level have a primary role in acting on information we produce. This creates a law enforcement ‘universe’ that is so vast as to be uncountable. Therefore we run into the problem of cause and effect with the finished intelligence we produce. So in the end, we use metrics on standards compliance, internal evaluation, surveys of customers that ask the questions regarding utility, validity, satisfaction, etc.

The whole is getting a strategic plan written and published, and then implementing it. The implementation part is something we see as a stumbling block for many government entities. We have developed a framework built to address the work stated in the strategic plan; how to do it, how we measure if it’s done well, and how we continuously improve upon what we do,” Michael states.

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9 June 2012