Highly-acclaimed speaker Valerie Hannon, specialises in innovation policy and practice; supporting strategic thinking within organisations and policy agencies; leadership development and capacity building, creativity and culture in learning. She has designed and developed next practice programs for education and government systems in various countries, in schools and districts.

Keith Bartley, Chief Executive for the Department for Education and Child Development, will be having an ‘On the Couch’ discussion with Valerie Hannon focusing on the opportunity for innovation in an age of austerity, opportunities to achieve radically different outcomes with radically different delivery models at significantly lower costs; facilitating redesign of service models to deliver radical efficiencies while still delivering on core outcomes; the leader’s role in fostering innovation and enabling leaders to build self-innovating systems.

Jane Booth, Director of PwC, will be the MC for this forum. Come along and join us for this informative discussion.

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31 August 2012