IPAA SA and PwC collaborated in delivering the Executive Leadership Series for People and Culture Professionals, Session one: The Employee Value Proposition Reimaginedpresented by Kathryn Ranieri, Consulting Director at PwC, exploring why a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is no longer just a nice to have. An EVP is just a buzzword to some. But in reality, it is so much more. It encapsulates everything from what an organisation uses to attract and retain talent, through to how someone describes the experience of working for a company to their friends. It’s the balance of tangible and intangible benefits, representing why someone would choose to work at one organisation over another.

An EVP is complex and highly nuanced. There are objective elements, such as the terms of a leave policy, and subjective ones like the experience of working for a particular leader. And so, the employee experience will differ across industries, organisations, and even across functions and teams within a business. It will vary depending on the individual as their personal circumstances and priorities evolve. The EVP is not constant either, with a quarter of workers saying the reasons they join an organisation and the reasons they stay are not always the same.


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26 September 2022

9.15 am arrival for a 9.30 am start, concludes at 11:00 am

Morning Tea and Refreshments

PwC, Level 11, 70 Franklin Street Adelaide