The NSW public sector has achieved extraordinary things over the last 18 months. Collectively we’ve managed an unprecedented public health crisis, responded to fire and flood, delivered the services citizens depend on and maintained the administrative functions that protect good governance. Our challenge now is to build momentum on the fantastic work the sector has done and use the insights from that work to drive change in the years ahead.

Be The Change
 explores eight capabilities that will equip you to be an active player in that change, no matter your level or location. There are four events making up this Symposium with each event focused on two of those capabilities. Our program features a mix of personal stories and insights, public sector workplace experience, and analysis from thought leaders and subject matter experts. Our events are available in both face-to-face and online formats, and encourage a two-way discussion between audience members and presenters with at last 25% of each session being allocated to Q&A.

All four events offered within this Symposium are free of charge for IPAA Members.

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Commences 23 June 2021

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