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Our guest for this informal interview was Chief Executive, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Jim McDowell. Viewers had the opportunity to submit questions prior to this event, with some of these being addressed during the interview. Mr McDowell was interviewed by Managing Partner, PwC, Jamie Briggs.

During this interview, Mr McDowell shared his involvement on the state-wide and national response to COVID-19, gave insights on the evolving situation, and stressed the importance of nationwide collaboration in this challenging time. Mr McDowell also addressed, not only efforts to flatten the curve, but also the state’s recovery period from the impacts of the virus.

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Additionally, Mr McDowell shared his view on optimism as a powerful and essential leadership tool during this time. Expanding on this the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment will be offering the ‘Igniting Optimism’ webinar on the 5th of May. This webinar will explore optimism as the key to happiness and navigating adversity, as well as in building resilience and supercharging your influence and effectiveness. To learn more about this session please see the webinar information below.

‘Igniting Optimism’ Webinar Information

Optimism is the key to happiness and navigating adversity.  Join us to explore the power of optimism in navigating change, building resilience and supercharging your influence and effectiveness. Topics include:

• The brain science of optimism
• Waking up to positivity
• Building your best future
• Practical tips to hardwire positive emotion

Audience: Everyone
Date: 5th May 2020
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm
Facilitators: Angela Giacoumis and John Dare, Emotous
Platform: Zoom
Investment: Free


Learn about our speakers

Jim McDowell

Chief Executive
Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Jim McDowell commenced as Chief Executive of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in September 2018. As Chief Executive, Jim supports the Premier and Ministers to deliver the government’s vision for South Australia, with a focus on building strong collaborative partnerships across government and with the community and business sectors.

Jim brings a broad experience to the role, from growing up in Belfast to working in the private sector in the USA, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, where he has held many executive, non-executive and advisory roles.

Moving to South Australia in 2001, to establish the Adelaide-based headquarters for BAE Systems Australia, Jim was most recently the Chancellor of the University of South Australia.

Jim serves on the State Government’s Infrastructure South Australia and the Urban Renewal Authority Boards.

Jim is a current board member at the Adelaide Football Club, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and St Peters College.

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