Why should women be included and in what ways are they excluded in the realm of public policy?

In this Masterclass, Dr Curth-Bibb will explore the different lenses and assumptions that underpin attempts to achieve gender equity in public policy. Together we will consider how different solutions derive from different ways of imagining the problem.

Ultimately this session will work towards understanding how gender equity can be more systematically integrated into the policy-making, implementation and monitoring and evaluation process by providing space for greater social inclusion – if for no other reason it makes good strategic sense.

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Dr Jodie Curth-Bibb

Political Scientist and Lecturer
Flinders University

Dr Jodie Curth-Bibb is a political scientist and lecturer in public policy with Flinders University. Over Jodie’s 20 year career she has worked in various roles in the public service, academia, international development and media and politics. Jodie has worked in senior research roles as well as teaching and capacity development roles.

Dr Curth-Bibb has worked on public policy issues in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Fiji and Pakistan. She has worked on research and capacity development collaborations with the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Defence Force and Australian Civil-Military Centre, Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Awards, the Indigenous Land Corporation, United Nations Development Program, Pacific Women, New Zealand Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, the World Bank, the Government of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands Government, Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, Correctional Services Solomon Islands, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health.

Jodie’s teaching and research interests are focused on public policy and governance. Her primary interests include: public sector capacity development, evidence-based policy-making, governance and state capacity, gender equity and social inclusion, gender mainstreaming, Indigenous governance, complexity theory, monitoring and evaluation and learning, hybridity and non-state institutions.

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2 December 2021

12:30pm - 1:30pm