“We don’t want to leave any child in an at-risk situation”, Chief Executive, Department for Child Protection, Cathy Taylor FIPAA, emphasised this as being at the heart of her department’s response to COVID-19.

Ms Taylor also shared her insights on the challenges and opportunities her department is experiencing, and how they can continue to deliver services whilst keeping people safe.

Ms Taylor explored the below questions during this interview with Mark Thomson, Partner, PwC, throughout praising the overwhelmingly positive response from the community, NGO’s and her department.

  • The need for child protection doesn’t stop because of the coronavirus. What are you seeing in the world of child protection at the moment?
  • Given what you are seeing how has this event impacted your department?
  • At a very local level what have been your key focus areas, challenges and key initiatives of your department during this time?
  • What are you seeing on the ground and at the government level around this conversation?
  • Has data been elevated in importance for you through this event and do you think there are learnings for society about data? Has such a need arisen the space of Child Protection?
  • Crises can often kindle people’s innovation, strength, spirit and resilience. Which we are seeing on a daily basis as small businesses in particular innovate. What positive outcomes have you seen come out of the coronavirus?
  • What advice would you give to those leading teams at the moment?
  • Are there any leadership frameworks, models and mantras that you find particularly helpful during these times?
  • Given that there’s most likely some increased costs for carers in terms of access to Internet, technology devices and the like. Is there a plan to address this issue moving forward?
  • Those who are in processes such as foster care applications or any other involvement in the sector, should they expect any difference in sort of the timeframes that those processes typically run?


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