Chief Public Health Officer, SA Health, Professor Nicola Spurrier has joined us virtually ‘On the Couch’ to share how the response to COVID-19 has evolved over the course of the year, and in turn what the future may look like as we face a new “normal”. Professor Spurrier highlights the fantastic work of her team and supporting organisations, as well as the commitment of everyone in the state to suppressing the spread of the virus through social distancing and other restrictions.

“we have a great community here….I had a sense that people would understand, get together and be able to do what was needed”

Professor Spurrier was interviewed by Adelaide Managing Partner, PwC, Jamie Briggs, where they explored responses to the following questions.

  • How regularly do novel coronaviruses appear? Is this one particularly virulent?
  • Why did we do so well in South Australia [in our response to COVID-19]?
  • Was the success of the COVID-19 response common across the country or unique to SA?
  • How much more do we know now, than January 1st about the virus?
  • How much work went into the preparing for the pandemic in early 2020 as the virus situation developed?
  • How much is the national group learning from the outbreak in other places around the world, where there isn’t as much control?
  • Where is the vaccine and where are the treatments? Where do you think we are at?
  • Is where we are at, where you think we will stay for the next 6-months according to the Transition Committee?
  • Being front and centre of the media’s interest how have you handled the attention over the last few months? How has that impacted on you personally?
  • Do you think that COVID-19 will have longer time impacts on the way that we live?
  • Are you worried about a breakout here – if it does happen as in Melbourne?
  • Is Winter and cold and flu season going to impact the pandemic situation? Are people able to get the virus twice?
  • In a world where global pandemics and the like may become more common, do you think there will be more of an emphasis on public health in the coming years?
  • How does a good and bad scenario for Victoria play out from this point forward?
  • Looking back would you do anything differently?


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