The Institute for Public Administration Australia (IPAA) has released its National Strategic Plan 2021-2025. Developed by IPAA’s National Council in consultation with IPAA’s eight Divisions, and designed by IPAA SA’s very own Marketing and Membership Coordinator, Kathryn Oosthuizen. The plan provides a framework to re-focus IPAA’s vision of:

  • enriching IPAA offerings at a national level
  • building stronger connections between people working in the public sector and the wider public purpose sector and
  • increasing membership across each jurisdiction.

This strategic plan provides a foundation to celebrate, reach out and work with others on excellence in public administration and public policy across Australia. It outlines four key objectives with relevant actions associated to them to ensure this plan is delivered effectively. These objectives include:

  1. Speaking out as the voice of Australia’s public sectors
  2. Supporting professional excellence in Australia’s public sectors and to help build relationships
  3. Building national and international partnerships to enrich and expand member offerings
  4. Improving our structures and processes to ensure that IPAA’s governance arrangements are fit for purpose

These objectives are underpinned by nine actions that the Chief Executive Officers and Executive Directors of the eight Divisions, and the National Executive Director have been tasked to implement. A key to the success of this plan is developing strategic partnerships which help support the signature events and new initiatives which will be implemented.

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting mechanisms have also been included in the strategy to measure ongoing successes and allow opportunity for refinement as required.

Read the IPAA National Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 here >. 


For more information about the plan, contact the IPAA National Office at See the original IPAA National News article here.

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