The session will be run on either the Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams platform. These platforms work with virtually all computers and sign-up is free. Please check the compatibility of your device by viewing the relevant articles.

Cisco Webex: https://help.webex.com/en-us/n0rqd8g/Webex-Meetings-Web-App-Known-Issues-and-Limitations

Microsoft Teams: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/hardware-requirements-for-the-teams-app

We recommend joining the session at least 15 minutes before the start time so that we can confirm your attendance and assist in troubleshooting any issues that you may encounter. If you encounter any issues during this time, please reach out to registrations@sa.ipaa.org.au or call us on (08) 8212 7555.

You will be sent a calendar invite at least two days prior to the session date with details for the session. Accept the invite to add the session to your calendar then, on the day of the session, click the ‘Join Meeting’ button or copy and paste the meeting link into your web browser. The invite may go to your junk or spam mailbox so make sure to check those folders. If you have not received the calendar invite, please email us at registrations@sa.ipaa.org.au

Many facilitators welcome verbal discussion, particularly during sessions that are more interactive by nature. To gain the most out of your session, participants are encouraged to have a microphone on their device. If your device does not have a microphone, you can also call-in by phone (note: calling fees may apply). Alternatively, you can use the Chat function to type your questions and comments.

You can join a test meeting for Cisco Webex by going to: https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html

We recommend familiarising yourself with the Unmute/Mute button, Start Video/Stop Video button and ‘Audio options’ button (from the small arrow beside the Unmute button or from the Audio & Video (tab along the top) then Speaker and Microphone Settings).

We highly discourage using mobile phones for viewing the session given the limited screen space and limited capabilities of the phone application. However, you can use your mobile phone to call-in for the audio portion of the session if you don’t have a microphone on your computer or laptop. Note: calling fees may apply.

For mobile device compatibility, please check the platform’s website.

Cisco Webex: https://help.webex.com/en-us/nowvmhw/Support-for-the-Cisco-Webex-Meetings-Mobile-App#reference_7E90DE648E639F82D1C02E3049ADACDE

Microsoft Teams: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/hardware-requirements-for-the-teams-app


Below are some solutions to common issues that participants experience.

I can’t hear the instructor and/or having audio issues:

Please check that your sound/volume is turned up.

Participants joining from a government device may be unable to connect to audio due to firewall or network restrictions in place by your IT department that blocks the platform from accessing your sound settings. In this case, you will have to contact your IT department to enable the platform to gain access to your computer.

If you’re joining with a VPN on, it may affect your sound settings. Try turning the VPN off and re-joining to resolve the issue.

If you have downloaded the app onto your device, click the arrow next to the Unmute button. Ensure the ‘Use system setting’ is ticked off and select that option if it isn’t. Otherwise, click Settings to bring up a window with your sound settings. Then, click the arrow drop-down under Speaker and select Use System Setting.


Alternatively, you can join try joining the session through a web browser (preferably through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) instead of using the downloaded application. To do this, click on the Join Meeting button in your calendar invite or copy and paste the meeting link into your web browser. A pop-up will appear asking to launch the application. Click Cancel.


Then, the page should load with a line at the bottom saying ‘Having trouble with the app? Join from your browser.’ Click the link to join from your browser.


The following page will ask for your information. After filling in the details, click next and a pop-up will appear requesting access to your microphone and camera. Click Allow.



If you’re still having issues with audio, you can try dialling-in through a landline by going to the arrow next to the mute button or Audio & Video tab along the top then click Switch Audio and click ‘View’ next to ‘Call-in’. A window will appear prompting you to dial-in to +61-2-9338-2221. Follow the prompts and enter the information from the screen accordingly.

I can hear the facilitator but unable to see other participants or the screen being shared: You could potentially be experiencing network/bandwidth issues. Please make sure that you are using a connection with a limited number of people sharing the same connection. Please also keep your camera off to prevent yourself from disconnecting from the session. Fore more information about bandwidth errors please see the following link: https://help.webex.com/en-us/WBX84420/Low-Bandwidth-Errors-in-Cisco-Webex-Video-Platform-Meetings

Online Learning Etiquette

  • Please mute your microphone throughout the session to minimise background disruptions. Turn on your microphone if you have a question or need to respond to the facilitator.
  • Choose a good location. Make sure your background is clean and non-distracting. Otherwise, you might want to keep your camera off.
  • Wear proper attire.
  • Grammar and spelling matter. In an educational setting, keep it formal and follow grammar rules. Be wary of strong language, typing in all capitals and exclamation points. Written text can easily be misread and misunderstood.
  • Think before hitting the send button. Once you send something to the group (or even privately), there is no taking it back. Avoid sharing inappropriate material.
  • Try to be understanding of others who may be experiencing online learning for the first time.
  • If you know of a useful resource, send the link to the group chat.