Why do IPAA SA Members take the time out of their busy days to attend IPAA events? At some of our recent events, we spoke with Personal and State Government Members, asking them to share what they value the most.

Many of our members highlighted that IPAA SA events provide them with an opportunity to step outside their normal environment and meet colleagues from across the sector and beyond. Expanding your network and catching up with people can help you grow your sense of purpose in what you do for the state and present exciting new opportunities.

Members also valued being able to hear from thought leaders and key public sector decision-makers on the direction and goals of the sector. As one of our members shared, it’s a chance to “hear about the really important issues, to get under the headlines, into the really meaty substance about what we are dealing with on a day-to-day basis in policy”.

We would like to thank all the Personal and State Government Members who got in front of the camera to share with the wider community and we also look forward to sharing more insights and reflections from our member community in the coming weeks through our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Thank you also to Merlin, who did a fantastic job in bringing together the many voices of the IPAA SA Member Community.

If you would like to catch up on recent IPAA SA events you can view the latest event recordings here:

Or browse upcoming events here.


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