• Why confidence is a choice
  • How to develop your ‘confidence fitness’ and train yourself to be confident
  • Examining and overcoming the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Understanding how to stretch yourself and reach your goals in developing confidence without extra anxiety or fear
  • Exploring how our physiology effects our psychology and what you can do about it
  • Developing your own ‘confidence fitness’ plan


  • Develop your own personal understanding of what confidence looks like for you
  • Making a plan for ‘confidence fitness’ that will enable you to reach your targets in becoming more confident
  • Become more resilient and able to cope with stress and change
  • Be more successful in your interactions with others through presenting a confident persona

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is looking to build their own confidence or even those who are looking to help others build their confidence by understanding it on a deeper level

Benefits to You and Your Department/Organisation

You will benefit from becoming a more confident and resilient individual, who is able to tackle whatever challenges arise. Likewise, your department/organisation will benefit from your increased self-belief and capacity, helping you achieve more in your role.

Learn about our speakers

Sharon Ferrier

Professional Speaker & Corporate Educator
Persuasive Presentations

Sharon has a knack for making the complex simple. She believes that ‘passionate people persuade’ and that to make your message stick, you need to balance information with delivery style.

Sharon’s background is in sales and marketing and along the way has studied business administration, marketing, management, journalism as well as more eclectic skills including comedy, improvisation and the art of persuasion.

As an award winning speaker and salesperson Sharon uses her skills to help people become persuasive and influential speakers. She works with individuals and organisations from a diverse range of industries across Australia and overseas.

She coaches senior people ranging from CEO’s and entrepreneurs, to Professors and PhD’s helping them to be engaging and persuasive presenters and enabling them to win pitches, tenders, fellowships and grants.

Upcoming course availability

In person

June 2024

Monday, 03 June 2024


1 half day
9:00am-12:30pm (8:45am registration)

Competency framework
Anyone who is seeking to increase their confidence, both personally and in the workplace.

Workbook, resources, morning tea and refreshments

12 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000
(please visit registration links for further information)
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Professional Member $355
State Govt Employee Member $390
Corporate Member $405
Non-Member $440

This course is also available for in-agency delivery. Please contact us for further information.