• An introduction to followership and its relation to leadership.
  • Exploring what we think about followers and leaders and how this impacts our work relationships.
  • Identifying the behaviours which effective followers demonstrate.
  • Considering how to follow and lead more effectively in the workplace.


  • Participants will be introduced to followership as an integral part of the leadership relationship and process.
  • Have a better understanding of how they think about followership in themselves and others.
  • Begin to apply this understanding to their roles as leaders and followers.

Who Should Attend

People who want to work well with their colleagues and are prepared to see things differently and engage with new ideas. People with supervision or management responsibilities or who aspire to supervise others will find it particularly helpful.

Benefits to You and Your Organisation

Enhance your ability to work well with others by better understanding followership, the skills that effective followers bring to workplace relationships, and the expectations followers and leaders have of each other. Your agency / department will benefit through participants’ better appreciation of the skills and behaviours needed for all participants, – leaders and followers – to work well together.

This course is also available online.

Learn about our speakers

Ruth Sims

PhD Candidate
Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX)

Ruth has more than 20 years professional communication, planning, and change experience in the higher education sector. As well, she has leadership experience in community and professional groups. An experienced and engaging facilitator, Ruth holds qualifications in training and assessment, education management, and human resources management.

Ruth’s current PhD research extends what we know about effective leadership to explore the contribution effective followership makes to organisations. Through interviews and surveys of followers and leaders Ruth is building our understanding of what followers do and why followership is important. Her findings will have practical implications for the selection and recruitment, recognition, and development of employees with followership as well as leadership capabilities.

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