Even in the midst of these challenging times, it’s vital to keep looking forward. IPAA SA is dedicated to supporting you in your work in the South Australian public sector, which is why the IPAA SA Team and Divisional Council are proud to present our Strategic Plan for 2020-23.

Over the next two years IPAA SA will continue in our ongoing aim of ‘supporting the public sector’, and through consultation with our members, we have identified 4 key areas that we will grow in. These four areas, include a strong focus on learning from the challenges of 2019 and 2020, from the bushfires that ravaged our state, to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are privileged to be working with a public sector that has risen, above and beyond in meeting these challenges, and with the future insight, we hope to leverage these opportunities to support the public sector in whatever new challenges may emerge.

The 4 key areas of the plan include;
  • Extending our reach – bringing support and resources to all public sector employees and also those working in association with the sector
  • Future of learning – growing our professional development and training to support a range of new capabilities needed in 21st century public servants
  • Advancing the profession – fostering the sense of pride, celebration and recognition for those working in the public sector
  • Deepening our connections – continuing to work as closely as possible with the public sector to improve our service to members across all levels

As we exist solely for our members and to best serve the needs of the public sector your input is essential in implementing our Strategic Plan. We hope that you will contribute by sharing your input in a short survey.

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IPAA SA 2021-23 Strategic Plan