“Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. This has been a real test, and the South Australian public sector has proven itself to be extraordinarily capable”

disclaimer: this video contains an unedited transcript

During the Premier’s Address to the Public Sector released 7 May 2020, Premier Steven Marshall extended his sincere thanks to the exemplary efforts of all those delivering services to the community in these challenging times.

Prior to the interview Michael O’Brien gave a moving Welcome to County, highlighting the importance of opportunities such as this to share knowledge.

Premier Marshall was interviewed by Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, Erma Ranieri. Commissioner Ranieri addressed a number of questions from the audience to the Premier seeking his insight into the response to COVID-19, as described below.

  • Premier, what are the exceptional behaviours that the public service has displayed during these challenging times that every member of the public service can champion to assist our State in the recovery phase?
  • The healthcare system has undergone a significant makeover due to preparation for COVID, what will happen to Wakefield and Cottage Grove once COVID is past?
  • To maintain work mobility, post-COVID19 will you issue an across government directive to approve workers requests to continue to work from home e.g. 1day per week?
  • Will there now be a focus to manufacture our own medical supplies and medication so that we are not solely reliant on China and India?
  • With so many people out of work do you think it is wise for Chief Executives to get a pay rise when their contracts are renewed?
  • If SA keeps up the trend and becomes COVID free, what measures will SA take to keep the virus from coming from interstate? Do visitors obey self-isolation?
  • Are the targets, Gov structures, and ambitions pre-COVID still relevant, given the world has changed? Is there an appetite for a Gov directional rethink and in particular how do we use this current situation to reform the Public Service?
  • When can we actually do some travel interstate or travel that was postponed?
  • What would you like to see every single public servant do to see us become stronger than we were before?

To all public sector employees and affiliates, a key takeaway of the Premier’s Address is to keep up their great work which to date has put the state in a great position to meet the evolving challenges of COVID-19. Premier Marshall also emphasised that he can see the state coming out of this pandemic ‘stronger than before’, and the efforts of people working for the public purpose will be the cornerstone in achieving this outcome.

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