The Australian Journal of Public Administration is the go-to resource for the latest research in public administration. 

Over recent years the three most download articles from past editions of the journal were:

  1. John Phillimore’s 2013 article — Understanding Intergovernmental Relations: Key Features and Trends — which was accessed over 11,000 times
  2. Janine O’Flynn’s 2007 article — From New Public Management to Public Value: Paradigmatic Change and Management Implications — which was accessed over 8,200 times
  3. Wei Xiong, Bin Chen and Huanming Wang’s 2018 article — Governing public-private partnerships: A systematic review of case study literature — which was accessed over 2,600 times.

Professor John Phillimore of Curtin University was delighted to hear that his 2013 article continues to be read widely by a public sector audience seven years on from when it was first published:

‘I think it highlights the enduring relevance of having a good understanding of intergovernmental relations in Australia — now probably more so than ever with the season of bushfires we’ve just experienced, and with coronavirus on top of that.’

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Pictured: Professor John Phillimore — author of the Australian Journal of Public Administration’s most downloaded paper in 2019.

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