How are you feeling right now? As we continue to deal with the reverberations of the pandemic, it’s easy to be overtaken by feelings of stress and uncertainty. BUT the good news is there are EASY things you can do right now to feel better – and we have three quick exercises you can practice in the next 10 minutes.

Mindfulness can be described as making yourself fully present in the moment – being aware of your body, thoughts and surroundings. If you are new to mindfulness, try a ‘Walking Meditation’.

Find a quiet place at least 5m in length and slowly walk. Draw your attention to the sensations of movement and your body acting to keep you balanced. When you reach the end of the space, turn, and walk again – keeping yourself aware of the sensations.

Practising gratitude can help us appreciate the small things in life and help our brains choose joy over stress. A simple gratitude practice you can follow is every day, making a list of 3 things (big or small) that you are grateful for – you will be surprised by the end of the week how many wonderful things are happening in your day!


Help yourself take a minute to pause and ground yourself in the moment – this exercise can be helpful if you feel that the world around you is moving too fast or there is simply too much going on.  Start by choosing a natural object nearby that you can direct your focus toward. For the next two minutes, focus solely on the object, exploring every aspect of its form – appreciating its features and place in your surroundings.

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