Building a New Civilization of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment and Zero Net Carbon Emissions : Ushering in A World of Three Zeroes through Social Business

Speaking as a former M&A lawyer and senior leader at a top tier fund manager,
Kat Dunn, CEO Australia of Grameen Australia argues that we need to overhaul capitalism. We are so focused on growth, we risk compromising our prosperity. Now more than ever we have the information and connection at our fingertips to advance society, yet we are afraid of technological social dislocation.
Not only could our efforts to eradicate poverty be impacted – we could see unemployment rise. But what if poverty was not created by poor people, rather by the systems we have designed for ourselves? And what if the idea of unemployment was created by the fiction of employment? And what if there was a way to combine business, technology and capitalism to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges? In this Don Dunstan Oration, Kat Dunn explored the ideas of social business, microfinance and A World of Three zeroes, and urged us to reframe our assumptions around human nature, our economic system, incentives and the purpose of our lives.

Grameen Australia is an independent replication of Grameen Bank which, in 2006 was jointly with its founder Professor Muhammad Yunus, awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for lifting millions of people out of poverty through microfinance.

View Katrina Dunn’s presentation slides here.

View the transcript of the event here.