In partnership with the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment and the South Australian Leadership Academy the Institute of Public Administration Australia South Australia (IPAA SA) was proud to bring you the Ethical Leadership Forum, a free event for all state government members.

During this event we heard from Premier Steven Marshall MP, Commissioner Erma Ranieri, Dr Attracta Lagan, Principal, Managing Values, Darren Menachemson, Global Partner and Global Chief Digital Officer, Think Place, and more about the importance of ethical decision-making.

Public sector employees at every level are faced with challenging ethical and integrity-related decisions. These decisions can test us on how best to respond to a range of issues that at times have competing stakeholder needs.

As employees progress their careers through the public sector, the decisions they may face tend to increase in complexity, and time for capability enhancement and leadership development is typically harder to find.

In light of of this, IPAA SA brought together a panel of public and private sector leaders to help increase awareness of the importance of ethical decision-making in the public sector.

Topics included:

  • the nature of ethical decisions required in the public sector
  • the role of trust in institutions
  • the ways in which ethical leadership can be developed and honed
  • ethics of digital transformation.
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