In the final issue of Public Administration Today ideas around ‘productivity’ were explored. This edition featured articles from notable sector thought leaders on insights across performance, innovation and the relation to productivity. Articles included:

  • Important to distinguish between productivity and efficiency: Terry Moran on public service productivity pg 04
  • Productivity ‘product’ crisis: Doug McTaggart poses some penetrating questions about whether the public sector can
    improve its productivity without a better understanding of consumers and what they want. pg 06-07
  • Productivity Paradox: Janine O’Flynn says looking more broadly to a range of measures of ‘performance’ is much
    more practical and meaningful than a never-ending quest for (the paradox of) ‘productivity’. pg 08-09
  • Authentic Productivity: Renu Agarwa, Christopher Bajada,  Paul J Brown, and Roy Green examine why current productivity approaches fail us. pg 10-13

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