In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Company Directors IPAA SA is proud to bring you the Company Directors Course. This nationally recognised course will be contextualised using public sector specific case studies and will immediately improve your board performance and decision-making with pragmatic professional development that will have a life-long impact on your career.

What is the Company Directors Course?
The Company Directors Course is a highly interactive course which provides you with an in-depth look at the critical elements of governance and directorship in the board environment.

Is this course right for you?
This course is ideally suited if you are an aspiring, new or current board member and are seeking to take your performance to the next level. If you are in a role as an executive, senior manager or director within any agency you will gain essential capabilities across directorship and governance skills and knowledge.

Past participants of this course include executive and non-executive directors, managers, executives, CEOs or other key personnel reporting to boards.

What will you learn?
The Company Directors Course provides you with comprehensive grounding on your roles and duties as a board member, and also emphasises the unique risks, legal requirements and liabilities for board members.

The course includes modules on effective decision-making, the legal aspects of directorship, financial literacy and strategy, as well as putting the lessons into practice. Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Outline the duties and practices of directorship and the board’s functions and responsibilities.
  • Analyse the responsibilities and functions of directors and officers considering the key questions directors should ask about their legal environment and its impact on board decision making.
  • Examine the board’s roles in developing a culture that is appropriate for the risk appetite/ tolerance of the organisation and the board’s role in developing and executing strategy.
  • Develop financial literacy and examine the board’s role in driving organisational performance.
  • Examine effective decision making, board dynamics, the impact of individual and collective performance and how a constructive board culture can create value for an organisation

What can you expect? 
Over five days of focused learning with other public sector professionals, you will develop your directorship and governance skills through exploring case studies and participating in interactive workshops on the issues and challenges that directors face. After completion of this course, you will not only understand your roles and responsibilities, but also greatly improve your performance.

The Company Directors Course comprises five days:

  1. Governance and the Practice of Directorship
  2. The Legal Environment
  3. Risk and Strategy
  4. Financial Literacy and Performance
  5. Achieving Board Effectiveness

There is approximately 60-80 hours of pre-reading required before the course takes place. You will receive all pre-reading prior to the commencement of the course, in both hard and soft copy formats.


Assessment is optional. Participants are required to attend at least four of the five days to be eligible to undertake assessment. The assessment includes:

  • a one hour, 45 minute (105 minutes), open book quiz online, consisting of four long answer questions
  • a 60 minute, open book quiz online, consisting of 20 multiple choice questions
  • a multi part, case study-based assignment (total of 3,000 words)

Successful completion of all assessment tasks meets one of the criteria for assuming the graduate post nominals, GAICD (members only). Several Australian universities provide credit towards MBA programs for participants who successfully complete the Company Directors Course.

Download AICD brochure here.

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5 Full Days 9:00am - 4:30pm (8:45am registration)

Comprehensive course materials, including course notes, case studies and PowerPoint slides, and catering

AICD SA Business Centre and Members Lounge, Level 23, Westpac House, 91 King William Street, Adelaide
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Special IPAA member and associate rate: $8,924 excluding GST.

This price also includes membership of AICD, valued at $825 (This offer is for new members of AICD only and is subject to membership criteria, membership offer conditions and AICD terms as outlined outlined on the "In-House Company Directors Course Membership Application Form".

Various AICD facilitators with substantial public sector experience.