2022 IPAA SA Fellows Announced

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Benefits of being a Mentor or Mentee

Benefits for Mentors It is important to not only understand the immerse sense of self-achievement and altruism you will get from helping a mentee, but you will also benefit in a variety of ways. As a mentor, you can...

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Grants Awarded for New Public Administration Research

The Institute of Public Administration Australia is pleased to announce that funding has been awarded to three new public administration research projects. The grants from the Public Administration Research Trust Fund — which IPAA manages in partnership with the...

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Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI)

The term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ entered our management vocabulary in the late 90s and is now part of the vernacular in most workplaces. Despite this 20 year ‘history’, there is still much debate about what it is…and isn’t. Emotional Intelligence...

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New Speaker Announced for the 2021 IPAA National Conference

Dr Alex Antic is a leader, consultant and advisor on analytics, data science and artificial intelligence, and will speak at the 2021 IPAA National Conference, Riding the Wave of Service Transformation, being held in Brisbane on 14–15 October 2021. Alex...

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Neuroleadership – A scientific approach to making organisations better for humans

Dr David Rock from the NeuroLeadership Institute is set to deliver a keynote address at the 2021 IPAA National Conference this October. Neuroleadership has come into the spotlight in recent years, with Dr Rock, in fact, coining the term...

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Climate Change: Risks, Liabilities and Remedies

In April 2021 IPAA SA were thrilled to be supporting the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in the delivery of the 2021 EPA Board Summit on the topic of ‘Climate Change: Risks, Liabilities and Remedies’. This online event was co-hosted...

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