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Lessons from Long-Service: IPAA SA members share their passion for purpose

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Mental Health Month | Managing Stress and Motivation

Struggling to maintain focus or attention at work? Hitting that 3 pm low and unable to pull yourself out? Maybe you are procrastinating by reading this article… Whatever is going on in your life it’s important to first understand...

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Mental Health Month | The Impact

Mental Health Month| October 2021 In 2021, South Australia’s Mental Health Awareness Program in October has expanded from a week to a month! We all have a role to play! Image source:   With approximately 50% of Australians...

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Podcasts for the Public Sector

Looking for a podcast to get inspired, learn something new or to confirm that you are going in the right direction? IPAA have some public sector specific podcasts which feature some insightful conversations with local public service professionals. IPAA...

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skilled service hub PwC Australia

PwC Australia Skilled Service Hub | Job Opportunities

The PwC Skilled Service Hub is Australia’s national onshore delivery centre based in Adelaide, it supports clients across Australia to solve their most important problems. Having already hired over 100 new staff since July, the Skilled Service Hub team...

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Flinder’s University Public Sector Readiness for the Digital Era

How can we help communities avoid misinformation and disinformation? How worried should we be about pervasive data collection and its impacts on our citizens’ privacy and ways of life?  Is cyber mischief dividing society and threatening trust in government…...

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Benefits of being a Mentor or Mentee

Benefits for Mentors It is important to not only understand the immerse sense of self-achievement and altruism you will get from helping a mentee, but you will also benefit in a variety of ways. As a mentor, you can...

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