To help you stay informed during COVID-19, IPAA SA, the South Australian Leadership Academy (Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment) and PwC are pleased to offer the Virtual On the Couch Series.

This Virtual On the Couch session we had the opportunity to hear from Chief Executive, Department for Education, Rick Persse on his views on the challenges of responding to COVID-19 in the education sector. Mr Persse expressed great positivity in South Australia’s response to the pandemic and what this means for our children returning to school in Term 2. Mr Persse was interviewed by Jamie Briggs, Adelaide Managing Partner, PwC where they explored the following questions:

  • What’s the current outlook for the state with the return of school?
  • How has the decision to return to the classroom been informed?
  • How important is the ‘element of normal’ for young people, especially for our year 12’s?
  • From a public sector perspective how have your interactions with colleagues in other states and departments in similar positions changed?
  • Do you think the positive changes and new efficiencies we have seen emerging will stay after the crisis period ends?
  • How are you communicating with teaching professionals to manage increased stress and demands?
  • How is thinking turning at the government level to ‘switching back on’, what are your observations in this area?
  • What do you feel you have learned over the last few weeks about managing a crisis?
  • How have you found the experience of forced change in your department?
  • What is the biggest takeaway from this epidemic that could be applied to the education perspective?
  • What do you think the classroom of 2021-22 will look like given recent events, will it impact class size?
  • What are your thoughts on the impact of changes to families work circumstance affecting choices in school for public and private sector?
  • Will 2020 end better than it has begun?


disclaimer: This video contains an unedited transcript

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