Engagement and performance are both buzzwords for managers, but what can you do practically as a leader and manager to improve these across your team? From our two newest courses to the program (which you can find below), we share 3 helpful insights on these topics.


1. Aligning your team to goals and objectives
Set your ‘flag on top of the hill’ to provide a clear and strategic outlook on organisational priorities, and be prepared to communicate these goals frequently and in different ways. Creating buy-in at all levels will help your team members feel empowered and engaged in the process. Secondly, set performance measures that are clearly relevant to the overall strategy and vision of your department or organisation – which also have real meaning and benefit to team members.


2. Provide regular feedback to your team
We all enjoy being celebrated for our work and contributions – and your team members are no different. Dedicating time to providing feedback that is specific, timely and constructive will make your team feel more engaged and valued. Providing (and receiving) feedback doesn’t always have to be done in a formal setting; sitting down for a coffee with a team member, or recognising their success in an upcoming meeting, helps lay the foundation for a resilient organisational culture that celebrates wins (of all sizes).


3. Create space for collaboration
In a world on the cusp of an AI revolution, valuing the human aspect of our organisations is all the more important. Open up the space across your team for people to work together, share ideas and collaborate on projects. A collaborative workspace helps team members feel increasingly connected to the organisation and more engaged with their work. You might like to consider what small changes you can make to make collaboration part of your team’s culture.


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