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Session 1 – Building a Constructive Culture

Gain the tools to understand the current strengths and weaknesses of your workplace culture. You will also explore how to determine and define the desired future culture and then shape a plan to build a constructive culture that aids the goals of the organisation, as well as one that engages and motivates employees.

Session 2 – Responding to Turbulence

Gain the skills to look at the factors that are buffeting our departments and agencies and how we can respond effectively, as well as ways we can foster resilience in our colleagues. Explore forecasting and preparing for the future, understanding turbulence, managing responses to change and building understanding and resilience. Leave the day with tools and techniques to equip yourself and your co-workers with the skills and mindset to respond to most changes and future challenges.

Session 3 – Team Power

Explore the practical and straightforward techniques that you can apply in order to knit a group of people into an engaged and united team using tried and proven methods from Katzenbach and Smith, Tuckman, Collins and West.

Session 4 – Doing More With Less

Learn a series of ‘counterpoints’ to challenge the accepted thinking across a range of workplace issues from leadership, to staff training and even how we recruit and employ staff. Explore a range of alternate paradigms and in the process, polish your skills in innovation and creativity.

Session 5 – Emotional Intelligence and Beyond

Explore the key components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) and how it can be developed and enhanced. In addition, explore some of the associated myths and how we can create a positive EQ/EI workplace.

Session 6 – Understanding Lean Thinking

Introduce yourself to the core elements of ‘Lean Thinking’ and explore its application within your agency. At the conclusion of this course, you will have a series of practical actions you can directly apply when you return to work.

Session 7 – Positive Influencing Skills

Go beyond merely the assembly of facts and figures to explore how your communication and presentation style can ‘positively influence’ others. It will help you in dealing with staff, managing up, facilitating change and working with stakeholders.

Session 8 – Adaptive Leadership

Look at the key approaches to leadership that are currently being applied within government as well as ‘Adaptive Leadership’. Learn how Adaptive Leadership goes beyond the core set of leadership skills to place great emphasis on remaining flexible whilst responding positively to times of pressure and change.

On completion of this series, you will receive a certificate of participation, signed by IPAA SA President and Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, Erma Ranieri, for your CV.

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Learn about our facilitator

Scott Way

BDO Industrial & Organisational Psychology (SA) Pty Ltd

Scott is the founder and director of BDO Industrial & Organisational Psychology. He is a registered Organisational Psychologist with over thirty years consulting experience throughout Australia, Asia & New Zealand.

During this time, he assisted over 300 organisations and facilitated over 200 key workshops many of which involved consultation with key stakeholders and the community.

He has previously held senior positions within the automotive and mining industries, as well as the Australian Public Service.

Qualifications & Memberships
• Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
• Graduate Diploma In Applied Psychology
• Master of Business Administration
• Member of the Australian Psychological Society
• Chartered Member of Australian Human Resources Institute
• Member of the Australian College of Organisational Psychologists
• PBA Approved Supervisor
• Registered Psychologist

Scott is an experienced consultant and is currently involved in organisation enhancement activities in a number of public and private sector organisations. His areas of expertise include;
• Organisation review and development
• Workshop facilitation
• Staff, manager and leader development
• Team building
• Strategic & Business Planning
• Organisation and Customer Surveys
• Targeted Training

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Competency framework
Middle Manager Core (ASO5-ASO6)

Extensive workbook and resources
Morning tea and refreshments

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The programs presented are aligned to public sector competencies and reflect the changing nature of government. You can register for the entire series and receive a 10% discount or register for individual sessions that meet your immediate needs.

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    Building a Constructive Culture
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    Responding to Turbulence
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    Team Power
  • TBA
    Doing More with Less
  • TBA
    Emotional Intelligence and Beyond
  • TBA
    Understanding Lean Thinking
  • TBA
    Positive Influencing Skills
  • TBA
    Adaptive Leadership in the Public Sector
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