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Leadership and Management

Emotional Intelligence and Beyond (ONLINE)

Equip yourselves with the skills to create a work culture which fosters wellbeing and performance, even through challenging times.

Conflict Management (ONLINE)

Learn how to understand and manage the dynamics of conflict, as well as how to utilise it as an opportunity for growth and change.



Online Writing Masterclass (ONLINE)

Boost audience engagement and streamline your workflow to deliver increased returns on your communications.


Planning and Finance

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans (ONLINE)

Move past the confusion of financial concepts and jargon, to be able to effectively manage, monitor and report on government budgets.

Strategic Thinking (ONLINE)

Learn how to create smart strategies, identify improvements and plan for success. Here you examine strategic planning and implementation from beginning to end.

Doing More With Less (Online)

Resources are stretched thinner than ever, learn more to achieve more with less.


Working with Data

Analysing and Presenting Data (ONLINE)

Discover a range of analytical techniques and applications, understand how to effectively present data, and delve into case studies of data-use during COVID-19.


Team Mental Health Management

Managing Wellbeing (ONLINE)

Learn the techniques to manage the mental health of your team in the remote work environment.

Positive Psychology PERMA+ (ONLINE)

Enhance team strength and resilience with techniques suited to today’s unprecedented times.


Personal Mental Health

Confidence…the Key to Success (ONLINE)

Learn how to identify and utilise your strengths to gain confidence, increase your self-belief and reduce stress in the workplace and beyond.

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